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(Un-)Breakable glass!

Tesla has recently resented a new form of truck based
on an electric motor like Tesla’s usual cars are. The truck
shall carry 1.7 tons and also is said to be extremely
resistant to damage. Even the glass…

But when it came to the public presentation, well… then the so-calles Armor Glass gave in and broke like conventional car windows. The steel ball popped off the window leaving a big hole with shattered glass circling.

Not quite that what you would call “Armor Glass” at all… maybe Elon Musk should contact car companies like BMW or Mercedes having armored limousines in their portfolio that have real bulletproof windows!

While torturing the door with a sledgehammer, the door was left without any damage at all. So at least the steel part worked as intended.

Watch the funny yet reputation-breaking video:

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