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NordVPN and others got hacked!

For sure nothing one would like to read about but it seems
as if NordVPNs safe network has been compromised in 2018
and some personal information (private keys) were stolen.
This can mean a serious problem as these keys can be used…

…to fake safe connections while they’re not. Eavesdropping at it’s finest.

According to a security researcher on Twitter, the keys have been stolen from an insecure data center in Finland. Also NordVPN has already posted an official statement about the issue. And for what we’ve read, NordVPN is terribly embarrassed about what happened while stating that they instantly isolated the defective server and canceled contract with the data service supplier in Finland.

While NordVPN has already taken all steps to avoid a security breach of this size, other VPN services like VikingVPN still have not made an official statement if they’re affected as well and what their countermeasures are/were.

Also TorGuard has already released an official statement about this incident: Read here.

Despite this incident there’s no need to panic now or consider VPN totally unsafe. VPN is still first chioce if you need a secure connection between two endpoints of networks. However we can only hope that such a hacing case won’t take place again and that VPN service providers will inform their customers more quickly about this.

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