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Ryzen 3950X beats I9 10980XE

The fight between AMD and Intel is still ongoing
and it seems as if Intel can’t reach AMD with it’s
newest Ryzen processors. This time it’s the 3950X
against Intels flagship, the i9 10980XE Cascade lake.

And by that we don’t bean just some measly percents but 25% which is astounding, not only that the AMD has to perform with just 16 cores, where the Intel i9 comes with 18 cores. It’s also the fact that the AMD had less RAM to work with.

However the AMD processor could benefit from a 3500MHz all-core clock, where the I9 was limited to 3000MHz all-core clock.

But when we look at the power demand, the I9 boosts to 165W where the Ryzen takes 105W (official TDP according to the manufacturers’ documentations)

Although the Ryzen could benefit from a faster RAM clock (3200MHz) contra I9 (2666MHz), the firestrike test of 3DMark is more reflecting the CPU physics score and that’s where AMD really kicks in.

As follows are the benchmark results which seem genuine (TUM_APISAK is well-known):

The Intel I9-10980XE (Cascade Lake) costs roughly 1000 US$ (MSRP)

The AMD Ryzen 3950X is priced at 1000 US$ as well (MSRP)

So in this case, AMD offers more for your money, namely 25%

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