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Apple Airpods 3 (Pro) soon available?

There are new rumors from Asia that the new AirPods 3 (Pro)
might be available in stores very soon. With updated specs
and a possible ANC function, they will be also more expensive.
The AirPods 2 are 180 US$, 230 with the case.

The AirPods 3 will probably rate at 260 US$ and over 300 US$ with the charging case. Also it’s unclear if Apple is going to put a “Pro” labelling on the AirPods 3 to hint users onto the ANC feature the older models don’t have.

This would mean a similarity to Apple-owned Beats Powerbeats Pro which also offer ANC as new feature to reduce outside noise and improve Audibility of the sound from the headphones.

But all this is still speculation as well as the speculation of the airPods 3 being made of a full metal body to improve heat dissipation (where we think, is this an issue at all? Can the chip produce so much heat that it might overheat?!)

Well let’s see what the upcoming days will bring.

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