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Why Google’s Pixel4 has no 4K60p

Almost every smartphone to date offers 4K video
recording at 60 frames per second (60fps), only
Google’s newest flagship phone, the Pixel4 does not
although it’s hardware would be able to do so.

What’s the reason for Google to prevent users using the 4K60p mode with their devices?

Is the phone to weak? The processor to under-dimensioned? The camera too bad? There were a lot of rumors ongoing but google now has stated why it has not implemented 4K60 recording:

Interesting though to hide behind the fact that a majority of users would stick to 1080_60p where users of other phones are using 4K60p already since it became available.

Google further stated that 1 minute of 4K50p video takes half a gig of space where it would fill the 64 or 128GB of storage in the Pixel4 quickly. But hey, what’s the cloud for then if storage is an issue?

We can only suspect Google to still have secrets from their users concerning 4K60p recording. One might be that the recorded quality is not as good as expected like micro-stuttering or frame drops or even worse: audio dropout or delay.

All in all neither are 64 or 128GB an indicator for a flagship phone, nor is the missing 4K60p recording mode…

We can only say: Back to the drawing board, Google!

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