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Amazon leaving OracleDB

It seems as if Oracle has lost another big customer. Amazon
announced that the last of 7’600 Oracle DBs with 75PB of
data has been successfully migrated to AWS, an inhouse
service from Amazon.

In the past there were aldready fights between Oracle and AWS as Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has stated that no normal person would consider migration from OracleDB to AWS.

Au contraire, Jeff Barr being the Chief Evangelist of AWS, has stated that migrating away from OracleDB as a “hand-managed database” to AWS will allow more flexibility and less costs to the customer.

If you’re tech-savvy and interested about all the story behind the migration process, you’ll find the bolg entry from Amazon here: Click to visit Amazon Blog

Here:s a video of the celebration after the shutdown of the last OracleDB hosting Amazon data:

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