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AMD Threadripper 3000 series

AMD has shifted to the next gear. The Threadripper
goes Gen.3 and seems more powerful than ever before!
Is the new Threadripper the new Core i9 Extreme killer?
What will Intel do now and may prices even drop now?

It seems AMD has hit Intel there where it hurts most, namely bang for the buck. Whime the Core i9 Extreme (9980X) is still at a whopping 1800US$ for 18 cores, the smallest Threadripper is announced to arrive soon with no less than 24 cores. Later in November, there might be the flagship Threadripper 3950X which may chip in no less than 48 cores.

Indeed this sounds so juicy that Intel might be forced to lower prices for their CPU lineup in order to keep up with AMDs pace. However there are no synthetical benchmark results yet to have a number to compare those two processors. But what we know from the past is that the Gen.2 Treadrippers already were kinda close to the Extreme processors from Intel and have beaten them in some tests.

So when it comes to the showdown between Intel and AMD in November, the cards might be shuffled anew and Intel is forced to do something!

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