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Western Digital goes 5TB@2.5″

Western Digital is well-known for harddisks and SSDs nowadays.
They belong to the most reliable disks out there with WD being
on the market since 1988. Their earlier biggest 2.5″ disk held 4TB
marking a new record as they were the first with such a disk.

Interesting fact is that this still seems not to be the all-time top. So WesternDigital went one step further and brought out a 5TB model few days ago. With a height of 15mm, this disk most likely contains 5 platters each holding 1TB. For 2.5″ disks this is indeed a new record, as 1TB-per-platter was recently only possible with 3.5″ disks.

With average read/write-speeds of 109MB/s sequential and 51MB/s random@4K blocks, this disk also has good speed for transferring bigger amounts of data in sort time.

The drive comes with an USB3.2 Gen1 connector allowing up to 10Gb/s interface speed for burst-caching (which means, the 8GB cache is filled with 1.25GB/s before the disk starts writing at normal speed to the platters.

With this disk at hand, you’ll easily tuck away a larger movie collection as 5TB can hold up to 500 FullHD MKV files – that’s quite a lot of movies to watch.

The drive will become available as 1,2,4 and 5TB model and prices will be 59.99, 79.99, 119.99 and 149.99US$. The case will come in three colors, black, red and blue. It can be ordered now on the Western Digital online store or you can purchase it later at your favourite retailer.

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