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GeForce Super: Updated RTX series

When NVidia teased a possible new graphics chip,
speculations were high, that it could be a consumer
Titan RTX. Now it seems as if details came out. The
Super RTX is most likely a revamped RTX 20xx series.

But what could NVidia update? AMDs NAVI is just around the corner waiting to battle the currently available RTX 20xx graphics cards. Rumors make the round that the new Super RTX cards may have GDDR6 RAM on them as well as higher clock rates are used due to the binning of the GPUs.

Well, the price tags are also speculative: 299, 399 and 599 USD are the new MSRP for the SUPER editions.

So while NAVI isn’t available yet, is this the preparation to keep customers buying NVidia cards and neglect NAVI from the beginning? And what about the currently exising RTX 20xx cards? Will they be just replaced or experience even a price drop?

And how will customers recognize the SUPER edition? New boxes? a SUPER tag on the cards?

Hopefully NVidia won’t try to fool customers to buy the “old” cards before selling the SUPER editions.

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