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Apple iPhone XI with TouchID?

If you can trust some analysts’ expectations and researches,
then the next big thing of Apple will have some interesting
changes: TouchID is coming back, the camera will definitely
receive some upgrades and 3D Touch will be gone.

That said, let’s start with the TouchID feature. No worries though. We’re not getting back a Home button with TouchID, instead the whole diosplay will act as a TouchID device. What has been missed by many users with the release of the iPhone X, is coming back again but better… way better. Imagine unlocking your phone while you grab it from your pocket as the display starts recognizing your fingerprint.

However this also makes the display a delicte thing which probably cannot be easily replaced anymore when it breaks (remember the TouchID function in the MBP Power button?). Most likely the T2 chip will also have it’s debute in the iPhone XI.

The camera will also receive an update. An untrawide lens that can capture 120 degrees view port. This might allow FaceID to unlock even when your face is close to the phone screen.
The flashlight also will see some improvements, flash brighter and be able to enlight a much bigger area which could leap the iPhone to a new level when it comes to camera quality.

As the A14 chip will most likely also receive an upgrade again, Unlocking the phone by either FaceID or TouchID might become blazing fast and much more reliable (although it already works fine so far!)

One feature however will be gone: 3D Touch which means pressing the display a bit stronger to reveal contextual actions/menus. Apple already had some plans shine through to drop 3D Touch support in iOS13. Now it seems manifested that 3D Touch won’t be following us in iOS13 anymore. Maybe this has to do with the fact that the fullscreen TouchID is consuming space otherwise used to make 3D Touch work properly. It’s just speculative as Apple intends to involve a new mthod to replace 3D Touch. So contect sensitive menus might not be gone at all, just the way you use it will change.

5G however won’t find it’s way to the iPhone before 2020. So expect 5G in the iPhone XII (if Apple keeps the name scheme like that). Also a 3D camera module for AR might find it’s way to the 2020 model of the iPhone in accordance with a speculated appearance of the Apple Glasses.

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