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Runit island – Tschernobyl #2?

It seems as if there’s more radioactive garbage all
around the world. One of these rather unknown
ticking time bombs is on Runit Island, part of the
Marshal islands. There you’ll spot something odd!

It seems as if there’s an ufo in the north of that island that doesn’t fit into the rest. And that’s true. In 1958 a lot of atomic tests have been performed and the radioactive garbage and rubble has been dumped into the crater, all these tests have been causing.

To seal off all the radiactivity, a 46cm thick concrete lid has been put over the crater which is about 100m in diameter and can be seen even from outer space!

The problem however is now visible: cracks are pouring around the concrete and the authorities fear that the lid might not withstand a stronger tropical storm anymore.

So is the second Tschernobyl coming to Runit Island in the Enewetak atoll?

While the USA have caused this environmental “problem”, they now say that they’re no longer responsible for it once the Marshall islands have become independent from the USA in 1984.

But can you expect something in the size of Tschernobyl new sarkophagus project from a country that has about 50.000 citizen? the project in Tschernobyl has cost over 100 million US$. In terms of per-capita cost for the people of the Marshall Islands this would mean an instant 2000 US$ debt for each of them. With a nominal GDP per capita of 3789 US$ this would mean more than half of their annual income.

So what’s the solution in this game then? Wait and hope for the best to happen or preventive countermeasures to avoid any worst case scenario?

And if that isn’t enough, analysts fear that the rising sea level already has flooded the crater and sweeping out the radiactivity already.

Since the trash might be radioactive for at least 22’000 years, there’s no other solution available than to seal off the stuff and wait until radiactivity has gone.

Although the images show people ontop the lid, Runit island is officially restricted zone and thus entering is either prohibited or only possible with special permits.

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