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Possible iPhone XR successor leaked

It seems as if the squared camera bump design also is coming to
the iPhone XR successor. While this could make sense (namely
same frame design of the housing (or nearly the same…)) it is also
to underline the unity in the design timeline.

But instead of three camera modules, the XE as the successor is called on some websites, it will be simply equipped with just two camera modules. There are no tech specs about the camera modules yet.

But one thing is for sure: The display size won’t change and stay the same 6.1″-display with a 1792×828 resolution which is a little less than Full HD.

This, to ensure that the XE won’t cannibalize sale numbers of the XS (Max) successor, called the iPhone 11.

As for now, there aren’t any more specified details out there to rely on. So we have to wait until more leaks will come up and specify the innards of the new iPhone models a little more detailed.

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