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IFixit forced to remove teardown

IFixit is a synonym for “Repair it yourself” when it comes
to our everyday gadgets we have in use. Unfortunately
some companies don’t like to see their devices being
opened and their innards exposed. Like Samsung…

When iFixit posted their teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a 2000 US$ smartphone, they stated that the engineering level is high, yes, but lacks detail in some places. Sharp-edged
hinges that damage the display substrate and some open gaps that allow dust to get into the device are exposed. A reason for Samsung to force iFixit to remove the teardown from their site.

Okay, Samsung: Now you know your 200 US$ smartphone has a bad repairability score. But forcing a company that helps you improve your devices to take off a report is something that doesn’t raise confidence in your product at all.

But we all know the Internet doesn’t forget. Especially not the Internet Archive:

If you’re interested in the teardown, you can have a look at it here:

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