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Galaxy Fold – Not very stable!

Samsung is already stating that the first charge of Galaxy
Fold is sold out… Hooray! Err… wait a minute. Do we smell
another Galaxygate here? It seems as if first customers
report that their phone begins to black out (screen breaking)

What the hell? A 2000 US$ phone breaking so easily? Just after couple hours of usage?

Also it seems unclear whether to remove the protective film or not. Some users did and 24 hours later their screen faded to black inan unusual pattern.

The following pictures demonstrate how it looks like when a 2000 US$ phone goes black after just 48 hours of usage and it seems most of these blackouts are caused by the folding mechanism…

If you pay a premium price for a phone, you can expect premium quality as well as a good instruction of what to do and what not.

Fortunately Samsung is replacing all these mishaps quite fast so that there’s no big issue. But it leaves a bad taste anyway.

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