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Qualcomm vs. Apple – Aftermath!

It gets uglier and uglier in the fight between Qualcomm and Apple
But now there’s a new competitor in the house. With four new
fighters on the side of Apple, the tide may turn against Qualcomm.
Not less than 27 billion(!) US$ are on stake here!

All contracting manufacturers say that they have over-paid 9 billion US$ to Qualcomm for licenses. With the lawsuit of Apple in 2017 they also stopped paying the license fees.

Foxconn, Pegatron, Wistron and Compal are the four manufacturers that built parts for Apple as well and were also subject to the license fees.

Qualcomm counter-sues and claims that all contractors have breached their license agreements which caused Qualcomm a loss of 7 billion US$!

These are gigantic sums if you consider that the origin lawsuit of Apple against Qualcomm was about 1 billion US$

Dark times for Qualcomm now? We’ll see…

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