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Things you’d better not do in public!

Racism, hatred… face it! Wherever you go, there’s at least someone who lives
patriotism the false way. In the following video, I was shocked about a young
woman with child complaining about immigrants and black people in London.
Delicate: She complained in a full suburb train with some black people!

This ain’t a godd idea to do that. In other countries she could have been potential victim to rape. No matter that she has a baby with her! The fact, why people are so short-fused could lie within the overcrowded areas of London. Too many people living on a rather small spot. Not to forget about that 13 million people actually living in London agglomeration (8 million of them alone in the city of London!)

The social tenses are highly noticable. High prices for living and rent with only small salary make things much more complicated. A situation that you can see all over the world! The question is: How long will this stay good until the big blow comes? This woman (now incarcerated for her own safety) is only one of them who had enough and let her mind go off with her short tamper! Yet she did it at the worst possible time and place!


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