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New security flaw in Chrome detected!

Google Chrome is one of the browsers that have a wide spread
and are commonly used. While Google highlights it’s privacy
features, doubters see a massive violation of one’s privacy as the
browser seems to reveal much more about it’s user than expected!

And now there’s another security flaw that has been recently detected, affecting the way memory is accessed and handled. The security flaw theoretically allows attackers to inject own code and execute it from the memory directly. The attacks can vary from viral behavior up to entire trojan mechanisms that reveal secure information about you. It is also possible that this may also allow the entire hijacking of the machine. This mainly affects Windows machines however it could also be possible to hack Linux or Mac machines if the browser is executed with elevated rights. But not only Chrome is affected from this. The standalone browser engine Chromium which is often used in 3rd party software to render HTML content, is also affected by this as it’s code is based on the Chrome engine in general. So if you haven’t updated your browser, now there’s a good reason to do so and bring your browser up to code. The version number of Chrome that is no longer affected from this security flaw, is 72.0.3626.121 and can be obtained from the Google Chrome download site now. There’s nothing much known about any chromium update but it’s for sure that 3rd party software vendors might consider updating their software including Chromium engine accordingly to avoid any massive spreading of the security hole.

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