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Amazon’s Dash Buttons gone!

We must admit it. The Dash buttons from Amazon were some
sort of useful gadget: You run out of some everyday use material
and with the click of a button you get the material restocked.
What sounds practical at first had an odd side taste however!

Often Amazon has changed the products behind the Dash button and have you usually ordered a box of washing powder containing 2.5kg, the next order could have led you to an equally priced box but only with 2.25kg.

As there is no display on the button itself, you never know how much you will have to pay with your button press or how much you get of the selected product. In Munich, Germany, the court ruled against Amazon that this is unacceptable. Either Amazon has to ensure that the same product with the same fill size and price is delivered or Amazon has to inform the customer in advance that a certain product is no longer available and deliver the information of the subsitute prduct you’ll receive instead. Since Amazon has no control over the design changes of a certain product, Amazon has indeed control over price changes. And Amazon got into focus when a customer complained that his dash-button-ordered product got more expensive without prior notification from Amazon.

However the end of the Dash Button seems to have come as Amazon has pulled all Dash Buttons worldwide from all amazon websites worldwide.

There’s no information on how long the buttons will still work but if you haven’t tested a Dash Button in the past, you won’t be able to do so now and in the future.

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