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Batterypack or smartphone?

Energizer is a brand most people know for batteries.
However in the past they brought out some proto-
types of smartphones with a big battery. The newest
“invention” is their Energizer Power Max P18K Pop.

Interesting, long name, so let’s have a close look at what we deal with:

That thing looks like the more expensive models from Huawei und Xiaomi and have a camera module that pops out when in use.

The display itself is almost dominating the front entirely, so it’s just normal that they had to hide the camera somewhere.

But if you think the body is as slim as the onxes from Xiaomi or Huawei, then we’re going to disappoint you here. The reason will be clearly visible when you start holding it so that you see the sides of the device…

The sides are HUUUUGE, man. But it’s just normal as the 18’000mAh large battery needs some place to hide. And now there’s the question: Are we holding a battery pack with an attached smartphone here or does that smartphone have a big battery?

Well, as the battery is not replaceable, you could say, it’s a smartphone with a huuuge battery capacity. And we think, Energizer had the same in mind when showing this “brick” to the public on the MWC.

Oh and speaking of “brick”… did we mention that this smartphone is nothing to stow away in your trousers’ pockets or even your shirt pockets? No, this phone is simply too heavy (approx. 550g) to fit snuggly in your pockets. So why bringing out such a smartphone? With Android you have the possibility to power other devices that are connected to the USB-C connector. So while your phone still has a lot of power, you can juice up one of your friends’ smartphones if they run short of power.

With the size of an iPhone XS Max, the phone is a real biggie and the term “brick” is truly descriptive. Throwing this phone at a person might lead to severe injury. However “bricking” 600 US$ (yes, that’s the MSRP intened upon sale start…) could not be of less intent to anybody owning this phone. Energizer has already shown similar concepts in the past but none of them became available in stores later.

Although this seems clunky and heavy, the idea is genius: You take this phone with you and instead of having two devices with you (a smartphone and a battery pack), you simply use one device for all. The best thing is that no conversion has to be made from a battery pack. The phone gets charged and the entire capacity of 18 Ah is available to the phone without any conversion/alteration of the current whatsoever.

And as mentioned: If one of your other USB-powered gadgets run low on power, just hook them up to the Energizer Power Max and have it charged while your phone remains active. Nice!

Although the design look clunky and bulky, the operation elements are nicely integrated and seem to be one with the whole body. So no worries here. The only thing that didn’t fit in anymore was a headphone jack. It seems as if the battery is reserving all the space for itself or Energizer thought: “Hey, everybody’s using wireless headphones nowadays, so why include such an antique plug hole into our otherwise sleek body design?”. Okay, could be that the headphone hole is being seen as intrusion point for dust and moisture but yet there are many people who would appreciate to plug in a headphone directly to the phone without the need of an adapter (of available, that is!).

Well, all this is for sure nagging at a high level as the finish of the phone is in general quite nice. No design flaws visible so far and despite its huge size it still seems to be a well-designed smartphone.

So let’s get on with some tech specs here: The screen is 2.160 x 1.080 Pixels (18:9 aspect ratio – or let’s say 2:1) and 6.2 inces in diameter. The main camera shots at 12MP and applies HDR effects with the 5MP sensor below, followed by an additional 2MP sensor which is used to apply Bokeh effects to the pictures. The popout camera only does 5MP which is sufficient for Selfies yet no longer top notch, if we may say so. The main camera group delivers what you pay for. Solid picture quality yet not outrageous if compared to the flagship phones. All this is driven by a Mediatek Helio P70 SoC which is at 12nm structure size and includes 4 cores at 2.1GHz and 4 cores at 2GHz.

The SoC is assisted by 6GB RAM and a total 128GB NVRAM for data storage that can be extended with a 400GB microSD card, if needed.

The battery has a capacity of 18’000mAh and can be fast.charged via USB-C or also charge other devices via the same port. Once fully charged, the battery may last up to 4 days when normally used or 50 days(!) in standby. Yes, over a month standby time. That’s crazy! But hey, if that “phone” is your backup companion for some reason, then you won’t run down on battery power that fast. So all in all this blue-glazed battery pack offers nice technology stylish packed and at a fair price of 600 US$ (MSRP). However there’s no release date mentioned but we can only hope that Energizer won’t let that one vanish again like they did with previous concept phones of the same size.

Anyway there’s some poll now:

Would you buy this smartphone battery pack?

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