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1TB microSDXC cards shown at MWC

Bigger is better… if it’s from the view of most
companies selling products or releasing new ones.
So it isn’t surprising that SanDisk and Micron have
shown their 1TB microSDXC cards.

1TB at the size of a thumbnail. That’s not much space at all yet it can hold tremendous amounts of data.

Sandisk has shown their Extreme Series with 1TB and a data transfer rate of 80 MB/s. However this speed is only reached with their own cardreaders that use a proprietary protocol. With common cardreaders the speed caps at 40 MB/s.

Not even the A1 standard is reached which states that the card can perform 500-1000 IOPs.

All in all this card however allows smartphones to be stocked up with some more storage when it comes to massive data amounts you want to carry with you.

There’s not much known about Micron’s card but it is expectable that it performs at the same level as the SanDIsk card does.

Interesting to see that 2 major companies that have developed QLC memory cells to a working state, are already releasing high-capacity memory cards.

The question is if SDXC-Cards with 2TB and up are realistic and will be seen soon. And what about CompactFlash? But these two card sizes are no topic for the MWC at all as smartphones don’t use cards with this form factor.

Update April 8th, 2019:

Sandisk has made it’s 1TB SDXC card available for Pre-order. The price is set at 449.95 US$

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