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How does glass visibly crack?

Well, when glass shatters, you see the cracks afterwards. But how
dos the glass actually break? Are the cracks expanding in given
time or are they instantly there? A question, The team of the
Action Lab was trying to find out. The following video is the result.

For quite some time there were not fast enough cameras available to record speeds faster than 300mph. Or better said, cameras were not able to record faster than 10’000fps.

But now there’s a company in Japan that has created a camera that can record up to 10’000’000fps (yes, you’ve read right! 10 million frames per second!). That means, the camera is capable of recording clips where each picture is of 100ns duration (100 nano seconds). That’s really fast and since glass has another density where sound is advancing at Mach4, this camera might be able to make the cracks advancing visible.

Enjoy the show!

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