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51st Mersenne prime found!

Primes are always a challenge to mankind. Especially
if they have millions of digits. M82589933 that’s the
officially detected 51st prime. But what exactly is a
Mersenne prime? Because not every prime is Mersenne!

A Mersenne prime is a base-2-exponentation where the exponent is a prime itself.

the 51st Mersenne prime is exactly such one as 82589933 is a prime and 282589933-1 also is a prime.

A prime is a number that is only to be divided by itself. You can try to make a prime factor division on that number to check if the number is only divided by itself however the number is so extremely large (24’862’068 digits!) that it would take years to perform that by hand.

That’s where computers come in handy using Prime95 to do that.

As the Mersenne Prime Search Organization offers a cash bounty for hunting down Mersenne primes, there’s quite some interest in finding large prime numbers.

The finder of the 51st prime got a 3’000US$ finder’s reward.

For all those who want to check on the number, you can download the complete number as a text file here but beware, as uncompressed it is 26MB large and thus a hard-to-digest-text file for the standard windows editor! Better use notepad++ instead!

Download “51st Mersenne Prime” – Downloaded 28 times – 11.07 MB

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