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AMD goes EPYC on SiSoft Sandra

AMD’s next-gen EPYC processors have been revealed in
SiSoft Sandra’s benchmark tool and what is show is quite
promising: 64 cores on 8 dies with each 1.4GHz speed and
a total of 16MB L3 cache are a real number.

One could think: AMD still not in line to match up with Intel? But if you crunch numbers, everything looks fine for AMD. No need to worry as AMD offers High-End Server processors for far less money than Intel. We remember: a 64Core ROME EPYC with Zen2 architecture comes to you for “just” 4500 US$ MSRP while a fully-equipped 64C Xeon will easily break the 10’000 US$ barrier.

Speaking of numbers: The Rome processor with the heatsink removed looks like shown to the left. 8 tiny dies and 1 system controller die all fabriced at 7nm allow a 1-package design with 64 cores. And speaking of the small dies: with 2 processors like the Rome, AMD scores a whopping 12861 points. Intel’s 2CPU-Xeon system with 96 cores and 192 threas scored 12482 points which is on first look a better score compared to Score-per-core but if you also keep in mind that the Xeon is at 2.5GHz baseclock while the Rome is on 1.8GHz baseclock, then things are slightly better for AMD. And as these results were shown a month ago and AMD has still optimized drivers for the whole system, we might see some performance improvements in the future making the situation for Intel’s high-priced CPUs even worse. Numbers don’t lie, my friend!

So while both companies are now trying to set new records in the server business, it seems as if AMD’s Zen2 architecture is the long awaited answer to Intel’s power-gobbling Xeon architecture and I believe we haven’t seen the last of AMD’s attempts to reach for new heights.


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