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Logitech plans to acquire Plantronics

The next big company merger is just around the corner.
It seems as if Logitech is having an eye on Plantronics.
Plantronics is a manufacturer for communication devices
and headsets. Logitech wants to set foot there.

So the merger is nothing unexpected but a logic consequence of market expansion. Logitech itself has a lot of communication devices for web conferencing in it’s portfolio. With the acquisition of Plantronics Logitech wants to set foot in the business market. Plantronics itself has acquired Polycom in Q1 2018 for 2 billion US$ and finished the deal in Q3 2018. Only normal that Logitech now wants to merger Plantronics and become audiovisual communications expert on both the consumer and business market.

Logitech itself has plans to acquire Plantronics for more than 2 billion US$ but no specified number is published. Maybe in the upcoming week the more detailed plans will be presented to the public as both companies are already negotiating the details of the deal. It would boost Logitech wide ahead of other competitors like Jabra & Co.

With the publication of this plans the Plantronics shares were rising value by 5%. And also the Logitech shares were jumping up by a whopping 8%. It would be Logitech’s biggest merger in history. the last merger was with Saitek, a specialist for game controllers and flightsticks for 13 million US$.

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