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Censorship and the Web

Todays topic deals with the censorship of the Internet. You all know, that especially
China is strictly filtering the internet for any unwanted criticism of the regime that rules
the country. China has installed the Golden Wall (a government-administered firewall)
to “protect” the chinese people from any bad influence that may come from the internet.

The result is a very restricted web. Slow connections to chinese sites is another factor. So when you’re in China and you want to use facebook and other social networks, you may only see a “Page cannot be displayed” instead. The chinese regime says that it is all for the good of the people so that they’re not influenced bad from other countries that propagate other views on religion, economy and the like. However I cannot see anything good in such a rigid censorship.

The following map shows that Middle Eastern is heavily filtering social networks. Worse than China. It seems as if these countries do not give much on Collaboration or social contact outside it’s borders. Interesting to see that also Italy seems to do some filtering.

So how’s about political topics?

Everything that deals with political topcs is severely censored in China. The filtering seems to apply to everything that could harm the communicism and the orientation of the chinese regime. Therefore the people living in China have no possibility to check out what’s happening around them.

How’s about the Security and conflict situation that may be breached by the internet?

Surprise, surprise! Also China has a leading role in here as concerns against the chinese regime are unwanted. So it’s blocked in any way possible. Not many countries are fending off Conflict and Security issues from the internet anyways what surprises me big time. Not even the USA with it’s homeland security program is doing likewise. Or the statistics site that has made these pictures have not noticed anything about it… could also be!

And last but not least, we take a look at VPN & Co.:

Again it is China and mostly the islamistic countries that do not allow VPN and other services that may interfere with the free mind of the people in such countries. USA also is not listed again but seriously: the USA is sniffing every network protocol and trying to gather information wherever available. Although there’s no censorship yet, the sniffing and gatherhing of private information can be considered as such!

At least be careful what you say or a black van might park in front of your house with for dark guys in it. You wouldn’t wanna get in touch with the guys anyways. The worst that can happen is, that you vanish and no one will see you again.

Anyway… those who are fortune to live in countries that do not censor the internet, can be considered happy. So I am also happy about having an “untainted” web access to broadcast my thoughts. people in China aren’t that lucky! And they envy us for it big times!

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