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Apple vs. Motorola

Todays news hit Apple very hard: Motorola, holder of two patents, Apple is
violationg, has reached that the sale of iPhones is prohibited in Germany. As
the christmas sale is just around the corner, this is by far the worst news,
Apple could get these days. So which patents has Apple violated anyways?

The first patent (EP1010336 B1) Method for performing a countdown function during a mobile-originated transfer for a Packet Radio System (however I can’t figure it out what it exactly does…) and the second patent (EP0847654 B1) Multiple pager status synchronization system and method are both held by Motorola and patents have been filed in Europe and the USA as well. So the air gets thin for Apple. The district court of Mannheim therefore has decided to stop the sale of the iPhone by now. A sharp blow in the crotch of Apple, if you ask me…

For once it seems as if Apple itself got the same wrath it spent onto other companies before. And for Samsung, who have to suffer most from Apple’s flood of lawsuits this could not be better news. The fight isn’t over yet and I guess, Apple has some Aces in it’s sleeves. Let’s see what they’re up to and how they will cope with the sale stop so far. Christmas is yet around the corner and many seem to want a shiny new iPhone 4S! I guess, the shopping tourism is going to raise again. The bad thing is, also the nasty cloning copycats from Asia will try to sell their crap that looks like an iPhone but isn’t actually one and thus fool many of those who are going to save some bucks…

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