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GrayKey effectively locked out by iOS 12

GrayKey, a little box used by law enforcement facilities to
reveal information and data from locked iPhones has been
rendered useless with the release of iOS 12. Although the
box may still retrieve unencrypted files and metadata…

…everything else is now secure as iOS 12 has patched almost all security holes iOS 11 had and which allowed the GrayKey box to unlock an iPhone. However one needs to be very patient as the unlock process isn’t very fast (read more here).

So while law enforcement facilities have “wasted 15 to 30k US$ for this box, the question is, what GrayKey intends to do now. Will they seek for new security flaws within iOS 12 and newer and then release a new box for free to all those who have purchased GrayKey?

Or was there a special note in the EULA telling that GrayKey is not liable for any problems iOS updates may bring to existing GrayKey customers.

Although I don’t like crime and criminals using this option to secure their bad deeds, I am happy to see that Apple still finds privacy a big thing that has to be protected.

Tim Cook also stated that iCloud Backup Masterkeys will be dropped one day. Today this master key will allow access to any user data in the iCloud account. Apple will work together with law enforcement facilities if necessary. But if Apple drops the master key, the iCloud backup might be even more secure as the only device to unlock encrypted data, will then be the device/account that is entitld to unlock all the data with the private key stored on the device.

And if the device is well-secured, well… then I guess it’s just a big “Fuck you!” in the face of any law enforcement organization or secret service that wants to get ahold of your private data.

The question will then be if Apple will be forced to store an unsecured version of the data you’re uploading to the iCloud servers. Something like that might come as we all know that privacy is no personal right in the USA!

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