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Why bus drivers don’t talk much!

You all know these signs for certain: At the entrance
of the bus you’ll often spot the “Do not talk to driver
while vehicle is in motion”-sign. These signs do make
sense as the following CCTV video shows…

A bus in Chongqing crashed into the Yangtse river after a woman has started to physically attack the driver.

Reason for the escalation was a missed bus stop. The woman had missed the stop and demanded the driver to stop outside the regular halts.

Since the bus was on a speedway, the driver refused to comply with the woman’s demand as letting passengers exit the bus on a speedway not only is against laws but also can become very dangerous!

The woman then started to attack the driver with her cell phone causing the fatal accident where a car got totaled and the bus crashing over the bridge into the water below. The driver was so shocked about the attack that he lost control over the bus and oversteered it to the left crossing the opposite traffic lane, hitting a car, then breaking the bridge railing and then plummeting into the Yangtse river from about 60 metres height. Every attempt of help was too late for the 13 passengers including the woman causing that fatal accident!

For a missed stop, a renitent woman took the life away from 12 other innocent passengers! At the time of the accident, the bus had a total of 13 passengers.

Watch the footage video (courtesy of CGTN) here:

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