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The economy… Cause for many strikes?

Today the Wall Street in New York has been occupied by about 700 activists who
demonstrate against the enormous power of the banks and financial places such as the
stock exchange in New York. However the action did not have such big success as the
local police has arrested many of the disturbants and probably put them into custody.

Well, the people fear that if the “war” with money keeps on going like this, the world will sooner or later only being reigned by money. The result is yet not able to being thought of but it ain’t good anyways. For now, most people still can live well with the current situation.

But the tide turns fast and worries me. The problems the financial market has today, were never a topic in the past. Not even in 1929 where the big recession hast let the Wall Street index plummet down extremely.

However, the future’s not ours to tell but we can hope that certain things probably will never happen!

Interesting though to see what a financial crisis can result into if it gets too serious. And the media helps putting more oil into the fire to flame up the anger.

I wish you a relaxing sunday. Let’s see what the new week will bring up!

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