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So… that was the September…

The last day of September is nearing end and quite a lot has happened.
I was able to visit the Oktoberfest 2011, I managed quite a lot tasks at work
and my effort there got honored. The October will also be interesting as I 
am about to celebrate my 33rd birthday and a good friend of mine is visiting.

Unfortunately the other one is unable to come due to…lots of work and a film project he’s working on. Good luck and keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to the result later on.

The weekend also begins now and let’s see what awaits me. Maybe some interesting stuff, maybe nothing good… who knows…

Found some cool video about Formula 1 and a guitar. How they relate, you ask? Watch the video and see for yourself:

With this post I close the september archive as nothing else of big interest has happened.

Something I found on my tour thru the web: Driving in Moscow can be very dangerous and painful:

Someplace else in Russia:

I can’t help it but it seems Russians don’t give much on their law system. They make the law theirselves…

Enjoy your weekend!

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