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To ppi or not to ppi…

Long time, the iPhone 4 has dominated the display resolution field. The
astonishing display resolution of 326 ppi in Apple’s famous Retina display
was unmatched and it kept the crown for about 15 months. Today HTC has
announced the HTC Vigor. It’s 4.3 inch display seems to put one on top!

With a resolution of 1280×720 pixels on 4.3 inch diagonal diameter, the sides of the display have a measurement of 3.74 and 2.12 inch which brings us to roughly 342 ppi! Seems that HTC either uses the same display manufacturer or it’s manufacturer was able to squeeze more pixels onto the same area than Apple’s Display manufacturer.

The HTC Vigor is LTE-enabled and will be available to the USA only via Verizon. It seems to be a real opulent phone as it is driven by a 1.5GHz dualcore CPU from Qualcomm and the graphics chip appears to be the same as in the Tegra 3. At least it is astounding, how crisp the displays will come to. It’s basis for all applications will be Google’s Android. Version 2.3.4. with Sense 3.5 surface will give it it’s workflow. A 8MP camera in the back, illuminated by two strong LED flashes will give good picture results even in the dark, I suppose. The front camera with 2MP will give nice Self-Portrait pics later on.

Let’s see how the beauty will perform when being released to the public. At least in the USA the iPhone 5 will have a real strong competitor as the phone will be available in the USA only. HTC has not yet mentionned a release date for the EMEA…

The back looks sturdy and heavy-duty like, yet not harmonizing with the front at all…

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