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Firefox in a new version available…

So… there we have it… the new version of Firefox… AGAIN! Not only have
I updated to Version 6 only 1 month ago, no, I also had to update all the
plugins as well and not every plugin has been transcoded to be compatible
with version 6 yet. I understand the frustration of users AND programmers!

The number of new FF releases is nearing a montly basis. They say that the browser will consume less than 50% of RAM as Version 6 did. In my opinion, it’s the slackdown from Version 3 that ran really smooth and flawless. With version 4 the memory consumption increased to a new record and if you browse with 3 tabs, then your browser already eats up to 260MB of RAM!

The new Aurora Engine is supposed to render the homepages faster than in previous versions. Seems that’s true but at what other costs. Maybe if I am in the mood to test it out, I’ll give it a try!

By the way, Mozilla: There is also a minor numbering in the versions and there’s no need to rush behind IE, Opera, Safari & Chrome…

Better stick to what you did before and keep your browser fast & clean. That’s bettertahn all the short-term major updates. Sometime, this will render your reputation to negative!

Just my $0.02…

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