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Apple has done wrong prediction!

Now it is official: Google has started it’s NFC-based micropayment system
officially in the USA. Sprint customers now can use their NFC-enabled cell
phone to make payments. What has been neglected by Apple, and wont be in
Apple’s new iPhone 5 as NFC would have no future is now in Android phones!

And with Google, main actor in the Android world, a strong partner is onboard. I guess, Android will have another boost as NFC and micropayment is for sure a useful technique as long as it controllable by the user. That means, the user can always check when and where he did payments and who requested the payment.

What is the benefit or where could NFC come in handy? Imagine yourself on Skies. You don’t have a day badge so you want to pay per use of the ski lift. No problem. No more seeking for the money or card to be punched for every ride. Simply use the phone or have the phone authorized with NFC stations at the lift entrance that automatically charge your account for the amount needed.

In other situations where Pick’n’Pay may also come in handy (in shops, bars, cinemas etc.) it could reduce time for waiting at cashdesks as you pay when you pass by. The usage knows almost no borders…

Good work, Google! But don’t misuse your advantage! (by spying on your customers for example!)

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  • Rosiv says:

    It is nothing official, yet.
    So no one, exept the ones at apple who have developed the next iPhone, knows, if it has NFC or not.
    A rumor says, that it will…….
    And, the iPhone is still the most saled mobile in the world, and google would have done good, if they convinced apple to include NFC.
    But even if it is missing in the new iPhone, that’s not as bad, because first of all, the infrastructure for really paying with this method has to be build up, so it will at least last a year, or two, for being really involved in our lives, not only in the US.

    Posted on September 23rd, 2011 at 07:49 Reply | Quote

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