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Speeding escalator in Rome

Just imagine, there you are on your way to the metro,
standing on the escalator and all of a sudden that darn
thing speeds up at a fricking speed where your only
thought is: How will I end at the end of the escalator?

This happened a week ago in Rome where the russian soccer team CSKA Moscow met the italian soccer team AS Rome for a Champion’s league game. They say the dancing of the various fans caused the escalator to break down but the soccer teams dement that they caused the breakdown of the escalator.

There was a similar case of a failing escalator some time ago, as well: In New York an escalator failed and rushed down also at a tremendous speed. However the escalator in New York had an emergency breaking system that avoided a lot of injuries.

In Rome however at least 20 persons were injured and the escalator was heavily damaged. People not jumping aside would have been inevitably injured.

There’s the raw video footage:

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