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Tablet in scroll form factor

Is this the tablet of the future? A concept has shown
a tablet that looks more like a scroll. And the mecha-
nism is similar. Either you can use the tablet like a
small version of an advertising column or unscrolled.

The screen is a flex screen from LG that allows a certain bending degree without damaging the display. Other companies (i.e. Samsung) are already investigating on foldable(!) displays yet the results are not sufficient enough to let it go into production.

Although the concept looks appealing, I doubt it’ll be very practical als the diameter is rather narrow and needs a lot of “scrolling.

The second use case, namely unfurling the cylinder (or better say “unscrolling”), is more practical however you’ll have to scroll and unscroll every time you want to use the screen more comfortable. If that is practical is something every user of that scroll (should it hit stores one time, that is!) has to determine for himself. I’d rather use a standard tablet though as it allows the reading of the content without the need to permanently handle scroll wheels all the time just to advance a little bit in the content. Furthermore the screen is more stable and allows more natural reading as the content isn’t warped.

Eventhough they say that the display is as practical as it’s former pendants, the tablets, I doubt that the usability is as comfortable.

Let’s have a look at using it as a smart device, The display also offers touch capability but honestly… would you describt the following image as a natural typing position or even practical? Not me, that’s for sure.

All in all however I must admit that the invention spirit still exists and with the upcoming of holographic projectors like HoloLamp, well, let’s see if a combination of the scroll and holographic projector might bring up a real cool tablet solution. Never say Never!

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