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State supervision as a risk

It seems as if state supervision becomes a good
business for Darknet users. A french marketplace
called “Black Hand” has been recently shut down.
The owner: an employee of the DGSI!

The DGSI is an abbreviation for “Direction générale de la sécurité intérieure” which is the french FBI if you need a comparison. The problem with this sensible data is, that even crimeless victims could have been affected. The DGSI collects data about everyone who might be considered a potential target for surveillance.

The sensible data contained GPS data, the list of calls done with cell phone(s) and even where the persons have been during the calls done.

The Service provider called “Haurus” offered this service to criminals on the Darknet for a mere 300 US$ per person. Main problem is that criminals might have abused this sensible data to plot more crimes in the name of the suspect.

Should “Haurus” get convicted, he’s facing up to 7 years in prison and/or a penalty fee of 100.000 Euro.

Also the DGSI is doing an internal investigation about leaks inside.

Recently the police in Berlin had a similar case where employees misused the information system “Poliks” to trace innocent people. In Berlin theres also an internal investigation pending, looking for leaks from inside.

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