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Eating Contest… what to say?

I don’t know what’s more disgusting: The fact that a 45kg lightweight
woman is eating 183(!) Chicken Wings (each approx. 30g meat,in total
a whopping 5.5kg!!!) within 12 minutes or the fact that obesities still a
mayor incident in the USA that causes many deaths each year.

Apart from the immense cost to the public healthcare system that such obesity-supporting challenges may bring up.
Even the fact that there are restaurants in the USA that support the systematic fattening of people by offering rather unhealthy snack sizes for free if they pass a certain weight limit (such as Heart Attack Grill where you eat for free if you weigh more than 350lbs/160kg)

Have a look at the menu to understand what I am talking about:

For those who want to have such a beast of a burger, you’ll find the restaurant here:

Heart Attack Grill
450 Fremont St #130
Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA
(situated in the Neonopolis complex)

Back to the eating contests:

Yet there are such contests each year where people want to demonstrate that they can gorge down vast amounts of food in a short time.

But what may people thrill to eat at such unhealthy conditions? What’s the thrill anyways? To encourage others to do the same?

I could stop thinking about that anyways as such contests appear not to be allowed in the EU anyways (despite the fact that people don’t intend to measure theirselves with each other by gobbling down vast amounts of food in a certain time and beat records.

But what I think of is, how would a conditional eating like this affect the human body?
The first thing is Obesity, a health condition, 30% of all Americans are suffering from. So what is Obesity in the USA?

Obesity statistically mentionned is a BMI of 30 and greater. So calculate your BMI using the given formula on the linked Wikpedia article.
What’s even more interesting how Obesity in the USA became a mass problem over the years (1985-2010):

(images are courtesy of CDC – Centers for Disease control and Prevention)

From a mere 10% average in 1985, the average exploded to 25-30% which means, every third U.S. citizen is fat!

How does the USA compare to other countries?

I found this interesting chart that shows Children’s obesity in various countries:

Terrifying! Even in the young age, people seem no longer to care for their health and become fat! Every fourth child in the USA is obese and subject to stay obese when older!

The result is, what the images above show. Each generation gets more obese and the percentage increases with this fact. The result is simple: The number of cardiac illnesses will significantly increase, the prevention programs will massively be more expensive in the upcoming years. And all this in a time where the U.S. Government thinks about cutting the budget in the health sector. This way, also Prevention programs may be canceled! Even in 2011 the number of obese people still seems to increase and no stop is in sight.

So are eating contests really good for the U.S. people or those who take part on such events a good role model to their childs or other people?
Answer the question for yourself…

Video of the Chicken Wings eating contest in Buffalo, NY:

(Of course one must say it’s no longer eating, it’s gobbling!)
And all this for 1500 US-Dollars prize money…

I wonder how long the contestants need to loose the weihght again after such a cruel attack on the stomach!

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