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Investors happy with iPhone XS prices

While many people are taking a big gulp seeing the new
iPhone prices, investors seem to be happy with the way
Apple is making the prices for each of their currently
available iPhone models. The customers hate it though!

With the iPhone XS Max 512GB, Apple has even outwit the most expensive Android phone available to date, namely the Huawei Mate RS Poersche Edition which switches owners for a whopping 1400 US$

This chart represents well how the prices have changed:

So eventhough older models got less expensive this year, the upper end of the price scale is scratching the 1450US$ mark which is a novum for a mainstream product. Remember, we don’t speak of an overpriced Vertu phone here, no it’s the normal iPhone XS.

So while Investors now celebrate that Apple again has pused the limits, I personally think that this step might have been one too far…

And looking at the development of Apple’s stock shares might give my fears a solid base:

I wonder if the investors are still happy if the share price will fall another percentage reflecting the resistance of the customers to shell out that much money for a new iPhone.

In Europe the iPhone XS Max 512GB is available for an outrageous 1650€. That’s where even good MacBook Pros start. So despite the fact that there’s a lot of knowhow inside the iPhone XS, I doubt that it will be suficcient to rectify the price of a Notebook!

If the first quarter sale figures will become available, we will see if the price tag is right or if Apple has to do something to get the customers to shell out money for an x-mas iPhone XS as a present!

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