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My first day at work again…

Today I started my work again after a relaxing 3 weeks vacation. Nothing serious
seemed to happen during my absence. So i fired up my desktop and waited for it to
complete it’s bootup (whick takes a mere 5 minutes to complete). So finally the
computer was up and I fired up my Outlook which took another 3 minutes…

Slow computer, you may think but no… the machine is a decent dualcore computer. Rather fast for a workstation. and well-equipped also (4 Gig RAM).

The slowness of the computer has to be combined with the fact that 26(!) updates are made in the background, 667 mails had to be synched with my local outlook database and the pending migration of my user home drive is also taking some CPU time.

Well… all in all it is just another plain working day, that started grey and rainy. Hopefully the day will evolve a bit better in the upcoming hours.

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