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Kalashnikov building E-Car

If you hear “Kalashnikov”, you mostly think of
heavy guns. But not only weaponry is part of
the Kalashnikov Group. They also produce
electronic components for vehicles.

So if you thought, Kalashnikov only earns it’s money with just selling the most famous AK-47 machine gun, you’re wrong.

Today they have shown a concept of an E-Car that is supposed to be the russian answer on the Tesla.

Although the design might be a little historic, the key stats are quite good. So is the car said to run 350km with one battery load full. And if you think that bully car design is a barrier for fast acceleration speeds you’re wrong again. With a sprint from 0 to 100 kmph this car can indeed compete with cars from Europe and Asia as well.

And if you’re thinking “Hey, I’ve seen this design somewhere!” then you’re right. Kalashnikov has bought the works in Ischmasch and took the design from the original ISCH-2125.

Some pics of the CV-1:




Although it looks a bit awkward, I guess the design might charm the people in Russia as they usually prefer things they know for their reliability. So why change what works anyway?

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