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Airbus ACJ320neo Bizjet

When businessmen want to travel, they want to do
so with style. Airbus and some intereur building
companies have presented their concepts on how
such a business jet might look like inside.

The following videos might give you an idea how it mit look inside such a business jet. But the problem would be that you have to shell out a whopping 100 million US$ to own one of these, let alone the costs to run these.

But one might still dream…

Painting of the new Airbus ACJ320neo


Airbus ACJ320neo – “Melody” intereur concept


Airbus ACJ320neo – “IGR” intereur concept


Images of the intereur – A320 “Melody”

A320neo “Melody”

Well to be honest… I’d want to be on one of these while travelling to New York, San Francisco or Singapore. And with all this homelike intereur I wouldn’t mind being in the air for 12 hours or more as there’s plenty of relaxation and recreation possibilities onboard.

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