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IT specialists shortage in Germany

Just recently a report was stating that there’s a shortage
of about 310.000 IT specialists for jobs in Germany. To
cover that shortage, Angela Merkel however decided to
alter the Specialists-Immigration-Law.

This ultimatively means that any employer can now hire specialists from foreign countries with less bureaucracy now. What sounds good for the economic situation in Germany is a fatal blow in the groins of local specialists and ex-employees. While they wait for a job as they’re not yet at the age of 50, they usually don’t get a job as they’re mostly considered too old, too unflexible, too expensive, (insert any other excude here)…

The fact that Empolyers now can say: “Hey, we got someone at the age of 25, doing the stuff for just 12€”, while local specialists demand 20€ and up according to their experience, makes it even more strange that Germany is not willing to reduce the unemployment rate while hiring more and more people from other countries (mostly from Middle East / Asia).

This is indeed another black day for the native germans that spent a lot of time reaching a certain level of knowledge and then being either replaced by a much cheaper younger employee from outside Germany. Although I am not a racist or the like I still think that a country should make laws that protects their own people first before torrenting the market with foreign specialists. The social system in germany is already at a point where it can no longer cope with all the unemployed ones. and considering a 50-year-old specialist to be too old for a job while the retirement age is 67 that means that these people have to live off social support for 15 years thus also lowering the retirement payments later on which could end up in additional social support for those people.

Maybe they will soon introduce a system like in “Logan’s Run”… if you hit a certain age, you’re being “recycled”.

Sounds weird and insane but we’re increasing the speed to reach that way of modern living…

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