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Time to say goodbye… FLV! – Part 1

Many people still want Flash Video on their homepages, however the
usability has experienced a severe drawback in the last years whereas
security issues with the Flash player plugin for several browsers have
been the main reason to move on to a new format.

On this blog, we’re heading over to MP4 as it offers a much easier implementation with onboard solutions from WordPress and also plays well on modern mobile devices (smartphones and tablets with modern OSses that have built-in MP4 support in HTML documents)

The decision was taken when Adobe had declared to drop support for Adobe Flash by the end of 2020. So time for this blog to migrate all videos to the new web format.

However the process may take a while as there are about 250 videos to be re-uploaded and the blog posts to be rebuilt with the new mp4 videos. So if some videos aren’t working for now, tey will soon do again (as far as possible and as far as external sources still work (YouTube and other web portals that held the flv videos.)

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