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A patch there, some plaster here…

As if nuclear power plants wouldn’t be a safety problem in
general, it has been found out that Tihange in Belgium has
another flaws in their housing structure. That’s the building
that carries the core. A failure of the building would be fatal!

Not only would it expose the core to the outer environment but also if the core reactor gets damaged, the results might be dangerous for man and animal. So it is only normal that people in Aachen, Germany get upset about the latest news from Tihange which is just a stonethrow away from the german border.

Nuclear power station Tihange, Belgium

Impressive to see that even bigger flaws (structure-carrying elements) are built into the concrete which do not meet the requirements from the design. So it’s a miracle that nothing more has happened so far.

This has been revealed during a regular inspection for which the power plant has been shutdown. with the newest discoveries now the results will have been shown to the FANC (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control) prior to startup of the power plant. Safety issues like these aren’t supposed to be in such a fragile environment. So let’s hope, FANC takes corresponding action anf orces the owner of Tihange to improve safety dramatically.

Not only Tihange is a safety problem, also in DOEL 3 there have been some problems spotted and it’s only natural if there will be a similar action taken to improve safety for the public again.

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