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Apple Watch – A small report

AWWAs you already know, I have a new companion around my wrist.
Now that this Apple Watch is with me for a month now, here’s a
report how this little gadget is performing in the everyday usage.
One thing is for sure: It will sport a whole day with ease!

There are several reviews online who state that the Apple Watch won’t make it thru a whole day without being recharged.

I am a frequent user and also get loads of messages that make the Watch gently rock my wrist notifying me about incoming messages. These can sum up to about 80-120 messages an average day which is not unusual. Besides that, I turn my wrist some time to get the time and here and there I use Siri to asist me for not taking out the phone as such.

While other reviewers write that their gadget may only last for 9 hours upon a similar usage scheme like I do, my Watch asks me for juice after two complete days (yeah, you have read right. 48 hours are no problem before the Watch goes into Reserve mode!)

So the Durability question should hereby answered in most cases.

What about other Apps? Well, so far I am using the mobile App of the swiss transportation (SBB) to get in-time timetables for my favourite connections, the Weather app solves all my questions about how the weather will be and I also have some Information-gathering apps that feed me with up-to-date-news.

The E-Mail app is also working perfectly and eases the decision whether to take out the phone or not in order to reply to the incoming mail. Although I could do the “Michael Knight”-Style to process messages, I’d rather type them on my phone instead. Privacy, you know…

Oh and a very cool feature is the Music App as it fully interacts with the iPhone. While your iPhone can be put near the sound source, you can use the Watch to control the iPhone. Works flawless! Me likes!

So all in all even my doubts have been wiped away and I find the Apple Watch an enrichment of the common day.

Of course the design isn’t everybody’s darling as one may prefer a round display like the Moto 360 or LGs G2 Watch but heck, I don’t have any trouble with the quadratic display as well. Works like a charm and does exactly what it is supposed to do.

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