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Aereo taken offline by Court order

AereoImageAereo, known as Online Stream Cloud service, allowed people
to watch TV shows via Cloud recording. Even timeshift was
possible which meant to advertisers loss of “customers” as
TV ads could easily be skipped by the touch of a button.

Unfortunately that was not the only reason why the U.S. Supreme Court finally decided the offline status of Aereo. The greater TV stations saw a big copyright infringement within Aereo’s concept, meaning that the recording of TV shows is not allowed and thus Aereo being a “helping hand” in copyright infringement. The fact that recorded shows are only available to the person who actually recorded it was not enough to convince the judges.

Antenna phalanxSmaller TV stations however spoke for Aureo as their watchers’ numbers have vastly increased. Also the new technology allowed people to store their personal favorites online to watch them later. But how’s the technique working? A matrix of thousands of antennas the size less of a paperclip allowed each individual record and watch a specific tuned TV station to a cloud storage. The show was not downloadable however. The streaming alone however was reason enough for 7 of 9 judges to see a copyright infringement within and judged in favor of the bigger TV stations who actually started the lawsuit against Aureo.

Sad but true to see a rather good technology once again put down by rather outdated copyright concerns.

That’s why the media industry in the USA is not at a good stand to the public because the people want to change but strict copyright laws still coact people to stay back in the 90’s.

Wake up media industry! The people actually pay you lots of money to consume your productions. But you should let them decide when, where and HOW to consume what you have produced. Aureo, in my opinion, did nothing that could question your copyright whatsoever. All they did, was recording your broadcasts and make them available to their customers as stream to be watched at any time on any device! The loss of Aureo means loss of watchers for you, too!

So you shot yourself in your knees instead of advancing to the future by fearing nonsense copyright infringements… and the lack of knowledge about modern technology by overaged judges supports this once more! Welcome to the stoneage!

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