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And Nokia still builds great phones!

nokiaIf it has ever been a concern to you if Nokia is outdoors capable, this story
might help you build a better opinion. So has a swedish man picked up a
Lumia 800 from the ground of a lake which resided 3 months down there.
Freeing it from mud and other dirt and let it dry has shown: It still works!

Why the phone has stayed there so long, nobody knows for sure bit the facts are given: The phone still works perfectly, the camera shots clear pictures and even the battery still keeps up the phone for two days when used. So that little fracker is a real go-getter when it comes to water-proof testing.

The funny fact besides: Not even Nokia has rated the Lumia 800 to be water-proof. Must smartphones like this one cease functioning when being underwater for 30 minutes or longer. In this case, Nokia has built a durable device whihout knowing it.

Here’s the picture of the wet fracker:

Way to go, Nokia!

P.S.: Of course this is no invitation to test it for yourselves and it may be a big coincidence that the phone still works after such a long watering.

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