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LG showing QHD 5.3 inch display!

LGLogoLG has recently shown a prototype of a new IGZO display at a
thickness of 1.2mm only. But not only the slim production factor but
also the jaw-dropping resolution of 2560×1440 pixels (508ppi) make
this display outstanding. With a diameter of 5.3 inches, this display…

…could probably be equipped into the next-gen smartphones and phablets.

While my iPad4 comes with a 2048×1536 resolution at 9.7 inches, the resolution is already good and you can hardly recognize any pixels. So imagine what the LG panel would make possible…

I imagine a 10-inch tablet that offers a full 4K resolution (QFHD). But unless the integrated GPU in all ARM and Samsung SoCs isn’t upgraded, such a high resolution is unlikely to be fit into a tablet.

But you can guess that LG has once more shown, what is possible today and the day X when we cannot difference between an image and a LCD display comes closer with big steps!

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