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iOS 6.1.3: Darn that security!

So iOS 6.1.3 is out for a couple of days and many users have cheered that
the security flaw where you could bypass the lockscreen was fixed. But
now there’s another security flaw which allows access to the iPhone and
it’s contacts and photos. However it ain’t as simple as with the old iOS.

So while you’re horrified about this bad news, let me explain why it isn’t as problematic as it sounds.

  1. To gain access to the iPhone, you must remove the SIM
  2. Voice control for the lockscreen must be activated
  3. The security hole can be easily fixed. one simple setting is necessary!

So if you’re concerned about your iPhone’s security and your privacy, follwo these steps to fix this little flaw:

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Open “General”
  3. Scroll down a bit to the entry “Passcode Lock”
  4. Disable “Voice Dial” (slide to 0)
  5. You’re safe now!

So this is, how the security flaw can be categorized by iPhone model:

Security flaw severity:

  • Unattended bypass: Medium to Easy
  • Attended bypass: Difficult

Risk assessment:

  • iPhone 4: Medium to High, easy fix with loss of comfort
  • iPhone 4S: Medium, easy fix
  • iPhone 5: Medium, easy fix

For those who don’t want to miss the comfort of voice dialling, you’d better keep an eye on your iPhone.

To see how the bypass works:

Of course this is annoying for you as there’s still security issues with the newest iOS release. But to circumvent this security flaw yiu don’t have to wait for the next iOS update but can fix it at the cost od some usability comfort. The decision is yours what’s more important: Voice Dialling or security.

I have chosen to be on the safe side and disabled “Voice Dial” as I haven’t used this feature anyways. I guess, most of you aren’t using it either. So secure your phone using the given instructions. It’s done in less of a minute!

For iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 it seems as if you can still use Voice Dialling using Siri. When the Slider “Voice Dial” in the settings is disabled, Siri should do the thing for you and it’s not affected by the flaw. So the ony users who could probably miss some comfort in usability might be those who still have an iPhone 4.

Probably Apple is going to fix this with iOS 6.1.4 but I am not sure when the new iOS would be released as 6.1.3 has also made Jailbreaking (untethered) even harder. maybe it’ll take months until Apple releases a new version of iOS, or a hacking team finds a fast way to jailbreak iOS 6.1.3…

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