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Predpol, Precrime, MINORITY REPORT?!

Many of you have probably seen Minority Report, an interesting Sci-Fi
movie about police units using future-telling individuals to predict crime
before it happens. What is base for a good Sci-Fi movie in 2006 seems to
become real in Seattle, WA. Predpol, that’s the name of the software used.

Predpol is a softweare program predicting possible crime actions in the corresponding quarters of  a city. And indeed, there was a reduction of crime actions where the program was used for crime predictions. However there was no scientific research on the dozen of cities using Predpol.

Using a 150 by 150 metres grid, Predpol is coloring these areas red where lots of crime actions have happened in the past using a database that has recorded al crime actions. In Los Angeles, some areas have a crime reduction by 25% as police officers, who followed Predpol’s prediction system have captured criminal persons in flagranti.

While in L.A. the initiator of Predpol is trying to publicly release a report on Predpol, there’s already a noticeable improvement in the brtish city Kent where citizen have noticed better police presence as Predpol has been used there also.

So who knows, one time there might be really some individuals being able to predict crime as in “Minority Report”. But if it will be in the same manner as in the movie, is doubtful and also to hope…

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